Profoto D1/B1 awarded best high-end strobe lighting system by Fstoppers

Profoto D1/B1 awarded best high-end strobe lighting system by Fstoppers

By January 4, 2016 Profoto D1 One Comment

“Profoto changed the game back in 2009 when they released the D1 monolight. In a very small package they managed to pack a 1000 watt strobe with 1/10th stop shifting, proportional modeling lights, and a best in business wireless syncing system.

In 2014 Profoto released the B1, basically a battery powered D1. This strobe has 500 watts of power, the same proportional modeling lamps and world class air remote system. I’ve been using B1s for over a year now and I can’t imaging going to a shoot without them. Instead of looking for power outlets and running extension cables I can finally put my lights anywhere and have far more power than my bag of speedlights can produce. My favorite aspect of both the D1 and B1 is the air remote system. Why? Because it works. Every. Single. Time. I love my Pocket Wizards but 5% of the time they will not fire. In the years that I have been using both D1s and B1s I don’t think I have had a single misfire. That’s pretty incredible. You can also easily change the power of the flash from the remote. Take a shot, check the image, if it’s too dark or too bright, change the power output on the air remote that on top of your camera and your done.

If you’re looking for top of the line monolights that work work with AC power or with a battery, you will love both the D1 and B1 system by Profoto.”

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